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HaikuWriMo - 2017
I. Shower thoughts
Oh to be a white
towel, to drink on your skin
titillating dew

II. The end of the world

A black line of ants
rushes about in the grove
as I bless this rain
III. Courage
In the dark hallway
of your heart, a child alone
sings slow to himself 
IV. Love note
Since the day we met
I measure myself in smiles 
lose count all the time
V. November 
Cypresses sway in prayer,
through the dense mist
echoes of a bell 
VI. Cotton Candy 
Sweet summertime night,
I laugh at life's bumpy ride
with your hand in mine 
VII. Amen
Let the heartache die
under this snow - wait for spring,
all cut trees grow back
VIII. Losing
Your deeply green gaze
slips - like a soft ocean wave -
away through my hands  
IX. After
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 21 18
I find myself grateful
for the existence of semicolons,
little things
keeping my life sentence
half open;
lost in thought
I wash the blueberries
with trembling hands,
you listen to the news
while making tea -
it’s a bitter cup again
but we have honey,
strong hearts, a lock on the door -
we have time for laughter;
in the end
it all comes down to this:
a bowl of blueberries
a kiss on the cheek;
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 100 83
contrary [e]motion
Every once in a while
the mountain winds
taste of salt,
so much that I could
cup my hands
like shells
and picture white waters
marvel at oak roots
for the first time,
hear the seagulls
cry for food
let’s build a castle
you and I,
made of stardust,
down the street
where the last wish
went to die,
let’s make boats
of these empty pages,
and flowers,
and hats
to call our crowns.
Let’s dance alone
you and I,
to the sharp
light melody
of a moon
and let’s stay,
oh let’s stay,
grow old
you and I,
in the place
where the roses lay.
keeps the earth still
beneath my feet
but the clouds above
bring your name
on paper wings,
your words
the sweetest thunder,
your memory
the brightest rain.
In my heart
is a web of riverbeds
carved by your absence,
falls growing upwards
into an archway
across the bloodstone sky -
and so wrong, so strange
so beautiful, like sea salt
in the mountain air;
it only hurts
when I breathe
Ah forgive these dreamer-lungs,
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 44 40
Traveling Gloom
I wish
for my sadness
to be like the cloud of drizzle
that passes over roofs at night
and doesn’t wake up
For my grief
(the thing with dark fur
that curls up between
collarbones and hisses at strangers
and purrs when I sleep)
to never bite.
the evening sky -
with its purple mist -
looks hurt,
wounded, like my hands
when I tried
to hold on to things
that didn’t want to stay.
It could rain,
the morning will come
Dark times
carry on
the way cello chords do,
pouring harmony after harmony
into a yawning chasm.
I used to tell myself
to stay strong,
now I think, the point is not
to start digging
but to sing along -
maybe to learn
a new dance.
I wish for my sorrow
to feel soft
and sweet
against your tongue,
like warm cotton candy
from forgotten town fairs
where we’ve known
strange bliss.
I want my sadness
to rhyme gently
in your ears
with the colors and names
of your favorite lovers,
so you might smile
in passing
and remember
something bright. 
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 25 28
Ever After
from a slice
of life
left behind
to remember,
eaten up
by birds
of the past.
This way
I lost
one path,
found a thousand
white trees,
a woman asleep
pale as the moon,
by stale tears.
In dreams
she waits;
in reality
I wonder:
can I save her
does she want
my love
I have no horse
I have no reign.
Nothing to give
but a kiss
and the rotting castle
of my heart.
Long shadows
bruise the ground,
as I let fear
hold my hope.
Around us
poisonous roses
bloom inviting -
what kind of curse
is to believe
and lose,
what kind of evil
will promise
and steal.
The sad wolf
of loneliness
through skin and bones,
I shiver
clasping blood red
upon my shoulders -
I understand
what the winds
are screaming:
these woods
won’t let us both dream,
it’s the eerie comfort
of one eternal night
or the key
to something uncertain
and frail.
When my name
trembles close
to her lips,
crystal shards
pierce the sun
back to life.
her eyes of gold,
sweet homes,
are mine again -
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 25 22
The Secrets Of Loving
I saw goldfinches
learning to fly,
small feathers
unfolded in the blue
and bright air -
on my windowsill
a nest
never forgotten.
Love teaches
the art of leaving
to come home.
The wait for Spring
doesn’t hurt,
you know she walks
on open petals
behind every Winter.
Let go now,
you will find me,
wings at rest,
breathing slowly
in your unclenched palm.
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 51 45
The Five Stages Of Silence

"I love you" 

The static sounds like rain in my head,
I imagine a small handed God
shielding us with his constant melody -
they don't remember,
tomorrow is your favorite day
and I promised to show you the lilies,
don't be silly now,
turn the lights back on,
wake up.
My fists at your chest 
are two hearts
beating fast. Wake up.
The morning prayer 
quivers obsessive 
between our bodies,
nobody understands 
how my lips are made holy
by the light skin of your temple,
wake up wake up wake up.


"I love you"
Fire laps at oxygen 
with passionate tongues,
taking in every drop 
of its feverish scent
until on their wake 
only anger is left,
a teeth quaking breath,
a cry for lost air.
The sky is a blur,
as vultures begin
a soundless waltz
one orphan question 
running in circles
brims the hourglass, 
breaks the cage -
I’m swallowing sand,
my knuckles are
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 38 26
A web is a temporary palace
Breakfast between roses,
the spider holds the fly
in a tight embrace.
          Sweet tea scalds my tongue,
          it hurts - I think, this is love. 
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 36 27
You watch me tickle
waves of grass
as we lie 
amidst June's glow;
cicadas singing 
summer ripe -
I pick a tomato 
from the plant,
and ask you to love it
with your teeth.
You laugh,
and laugh...
then take a bite;
my heart explodes
all over your white, 
white dress - 
happy fireworks.
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 19 40
We are
like the stars -
adrift on the still looking glass of the sea -
so far away,
so close.
∿∿ ∿∿ ∿∿ ∿∿ ∿∿ ∿∿ ∿∿ ∿∿ ∿∿
come le stelle - 
naufraghe sullo specchio immobile del mare -
così lontane,
così vicine.
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 28 32
By Heart
You and I-
we just met,
yet I can already tell
you're not someone
I'd ever forget.
I barely know your name,
but in a sea of people
grey as cityscapes
you draw life across my veins
with every word you say.
I came to realize
my heartbeat was syncing
with the rhythm of your voice
and your smile, how it'd linger
in my dreams and warm me
even in my coldest hours.
They say fate is a crowded crossroad
where you can't recognize a face
until ancient stars align
to some predestined design;
you are every missing color
in the tapestries of my days.
I can't even begin to convey
how different everything is
now that I know you;
the world and the future,
no matter how uncertain
don't make my knees sway.      
I don’t wish upon the night
any more,
since you know my soul
by heart
all I ask is for you
to stay.
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 21 26
Living (in the belly of the flower)
Like bees 
in yellow tulips,
we live inside of days;
high walls built around us,
yet ever so fragile.
In silence
I listen to the rain
fiddling with my windows;
shy rivulets of water
reflected on your skin.
I follow 
their blithesome race
with erratic fingertips,
you said last night, a laugh
exists in every thunder,
you said: "my dear, the sky
knows no other way to cry" -
I think, somehow with fear,
you might be my river 
to the sea.
I've learned this much
of lovers and years:
they know not 
how to touch us
without leaving a trace.
As the morning softly opens,
I see there is a mountain 
standing in the flower’s heart,
a single light-stained dewdrop
runs down by its sides
precise like the ink of your pen,
deliberate it carves-
slow as a joyful tear,
almost aware 
of its own weight.
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 27 38
Silent Song
Attuned to the songs
of silence
I linger in this liminal space
as the sacred solace
of solitude surrounds me.
The fingertips
of the divine strum
at unseen strings,
their harmony moves me,
begs me
to give it a name.
I do not know -
over the chords,
a familiar echo
But like an impatient tide
of clouds, 
the songs never last;
the treasured pace
of silence
grows too fast - 
before my eyes
constellations unfold
like a map
of dreams.
The black, black mirror
of this night still gleams,
my reflection
a pale report
of my fading significance;
your memory
a dissonance 
never resolved.
My hungry ears
cannot rest,
I begin tracking the sky
as an atlas of hope,
frantically looking 
for the warm pulse 
of a secret melody
to lead me 
back to light.
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 23 34
Silver Lining Symphony
how summer sings 
quietly in your ears;
when your 
stray heart 
hold it and wait,
for your cold hands
are meant to hide 
the fire within.
every symphony,
every beautiful thing
is made 
of pauses 
and broken pieces;
diamonds do not reflect
the light
until they are cut.
how the sun filters
through cracked clouds
after a storm;
when the rain
gently kisses your palms,
forgive the scars
for what has been.
and always
far beyond this pain
there are 
luminous adventures,
in the wake 
of your
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 38 38
A budding morrow
rests and breathes
  in the specks 
   of dusk
between your lashes.
  they shine 
within an earthly heaven,
   safe promise 
  of warmth.
Like a chestnut leaf
 through the pages
  of my restless story
you keep dreams 
and still.
Living proof
that firefly flames 
can give rise
to an eternal 
summer day,
  you are 
  the laugh of the forest 
 after rain.
In your gaze:
  ground castle
  on the edge 
  of the world,
is the dark
made small.
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 24 70
Small Change
Today reality hurts
like a broken bone.
Down the wishing well
jingled a ray of light,
five hundred seconds ago.
I put a name in the fire,
burned my heart instead;
my hands are forever cold.
More than this flame,
today reality hurts.
Under the bell glass
a red rose blooms;
nothing can touch her
yet her skin is brittle  
like a broken bone.
What lied lost and forgotten
awoke in the dead of night:
an ache born of hopes and dreams;                                           
it went to quench its thirst                                            
down the wishing well.
If joy were an exact science
we could understand the difference
that leaves small change behind;
hidden away in my pocket
jingled a ray of light.
I wonder how much time is enough
for a scar to become a st
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 24 27


sweater sleeves 
to my fingertips
   winter clings
:iconarwynrie:ArwynRie 15 10
Mature content
a girl is out of breath :iconcristinewakesuphappy:cristinewakesuphappy 18 15
never say goodbye, only see you again :)
i've been on this site for 8 years, various hiatuses/different accounts. these last few months, i started a journey i never thought to endeavor before (in terms of spirituality) — and so, here i am. 
dA has been the greatest tool in developing my writing style. i couldn't be more blessed. writing was never a hobby for me, it was always a means to an end. and that end is still a goal/dream i am working towards. but somewhere along the way, i stopped growing here. i found my style, became comfortable with how i wrote, and stopped growing. i'm still writing (and will be for as long as i'm alive), but i won't be posting anymore.
there is a project i have been working on that i'll be revealing, with a little time. it's the complete opposite of anything i've ever done here, mostly because my approach has 180'd in change. you'll see what i mean soon :rose: 
in the meantime, i'm always getting through the thousands+ deviations by all of you that i'v
:iconsimilar-singularity:similar-singularity 24 41
While My Guitar Gently Weeps-Passion is Art
I look at you all
See the love there that's sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps
I look at the floor
And I see it need sweeping
Still my guitar gently weeps
I don't know why nobody told you
How to unfold you love
I don't know how someone controlled you
They bought and sold you
I look at the world and I notice it's turning
While my guitar gently weeps
With every mistake we must surely be learning
Still my guitar gently weeps
I don't know how you were diverted
You were perverted too
I don't know how you were inverted
No one alerted you
I look at you all see the love that's there sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps
I look at you all
Still my guitar gently weeps
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Still my guitar gently weeps

Cumulus clouds surround his lustful thoughts
as he succumbs t
:iconsuejo:SueJO 19 86
The Tanka - Hearts by SueJO The Tanka - Hearts :iconsuejo:SueJO 26 30
empty self evaluation
i vowed i'd go to bed at a decent hour a couple of days ago,
but i know after staying up all night i'll find myself
at 3:15 am
splashing cold sink water onto my clammy face
and staring at myself in the cracked, dingy
cheap mirror of the girls' bathroom that this hallway shares
:iconunfaithfulstars:unfaithfulstars 40 19
make me cry

my heart is heavy
from the earth
you put there,
in hopes that your garden would grow.
:icontrappedwitch:trappedwitch 7 7
All my words;
a breadcrumb trail.
:iconroadkillkitten:roadkillKitten 5 10
The Fruit of Pausing
only the best poems have semicolons;
blueberries work too
:iconsaiun:saiun 2 3
Music Box Melodies
What will it be? What will all of it be?
The sounds of a music box serenade into my ears as I make my way down the snowy hill. Faint memories drip across the branches of my mind and I wipe the non-existent tears away from my wanting eyes. The cold wind whistles and shutters into my body as I stare blankly at the moonlight.
"Did you really think that you could get so far as to walk away into the quiet air of night?"
I jump. Almost shrieking at the sound. The only thing I could hear was the sound of snow lightly touching down on the ground.
The scene changes and gone is the snowy hill. We are in a bedroom and all that can be heard is the faint crackling coming from the fireplace.
Sitting on the nightstand is a picture. There appears to be a married couple and a child smiling at the camera, on what looks to be a nice day at the beach.

"Only fools laugh. Muahahahaha! Look behind you, I'll be here!"
I shriek again. Turning around in a frantic, I lash out, only to fall
:icontuiskulumi:tuiskulumi 2 1
read my love with both hands,
speak to me through rhythms of your tongue
in a language that only
i would know.
the tremble of my lips -
chills manifesting from
a trail of well wishes that only
i could give.
effects of your hunger, my satiety,
& allow yourself to devour it
though silencing me
is far from your goal;
each scar & read me like braille -
i have burdened you with my heart
& will cherish the light of your love
until i burn out.
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 8 3
2016 Holiday Features!
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Hello everyone!
As tradition it seems, around this time every year I have a large feature journal to welcome in the massive feature journal of the new year! So, like all of my past features these are completely free all you have to do is ask! So don't be shy and share the love! 
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Jayllu, you're a really nice person and you once commented on my profile. I really admired you from afar, and I think you should keep doing a great job on editing. Belated Happy 16th birthday! -anon :heart:
doughboycafe is awesome
Jayllu hi you're so cool aaAAaaa
"lN-AG0NY d a t E me
jkjk, fr, you're a great person and I just don't get it why you receive the bad stuff when you deserver everything.
If I can bravely tell you these 3 words."
She is a really really sweet person!
She comments and favs my art pieces regularly
and that is so awesome of her!!!
I don't know her that well yet, but I still feel like she's an
amazing friend to me <3
I'm g
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Spread the LOVE chain
This is a tough time of year for me, and I suspect I'm not the only one.
So I've had an idea:
- Tag someone in a comment on this journal, and tell them something you like or admire about them, or something they've done.
- If you get tagged, pass on the favour and do the same for someone else (not the person who tagged you).
A lot of us are very self critical, and find it hard to accept (and sometimes give) compliments or praise. Try and challenge that. Don't tell them their praise is wrong, even if you believe so; try to just accept the nice thing they've said, and help another to do the same. Accepting ourselves for who we are, for all our positives as well as as our flaws is tough, but it's worth trying.
Spread the L♥VE!
:bulletgreen: If you don't feel up to joining in, don't worry about it ♡ :bulletgreen:
p.s. Naming me is cheating :P
:iconshedares:SheDares 5 49


All mimsy were the borogoves

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 7, 2016, 7:46 AM

 And the mome raths outgrabe

We all know what that means: it’s time to harvest the wild tags!

I’ve been tagged by Serendiipitii unfaithfulstars roadkillKitten and  WhereIsTheSpoon  These have been aging in my inbox long enough - get ready for some crazy tea!

Tɥǝ Rnlǝs  

1. You have to post these rules (Done, you didn’t say anything about messing with them tho… :grinstareeyes: )
4. Each person has to share 10 perfectly ridiculous  things about them.
8. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and do 10 sit-ups
3. Choose 10 people for a game of poker. :CardGame: 
2. You have to tag 10 people whose middle name starts with “C”
10. Tag-backs are ALLOWED only if your have an aunt named Brenda
7. Be creative with the title. It MUST include mome raths.
14. You can't say you don't do tags. (I don’t do tags, tags do me)

Tɥǝ Fɐɔʇs

1. Shooting stars excite me way too much
2. I feel like I'm always running out of time in some way or another (all this running, however, isn’t making me any more fit which is rather upsetting.)
3. The autocorrect keeps changing "mome raths" to “some maths”
4. Now I want to type The Jabberwocky with autocorrect on and see what happens  
5. I'm terrible at this
6. Lists make me nervous
7. Butter
8. I don’t have an aunt named Brenda
9. My eyesight is horrible but I can hear a fly plotting on the other side of a room
10. I'm a book hoarder. And I recently discovered that digital editions don't make an exception nor mitigate my compulsory need to be surrounded by books??? There’s a word for it in Japanese: Tsundoku, it should probably be my middle name.  
Bonus 11th fact. I’m entirely bonkers and I know it. :eratsnirg: 

Tɥǝ Qnǝsʇᴉous  

Serendiipitii ’s questions:

1. how've you been, darling? <3

Busy and all flavors of frustrated - but Autumn is drawing closer, I can feel my soul wake up <3

2. a good book you've read recently?

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, Poems new and Collected by Wislawa Szymborska, oh and Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi ghost-written by J. R. Moerhinger…it’s extraordinary, both the story and the writing.

3. fave flavour of ice cream?


4. how do you wear your hair?

Down most of the time, it’s very long and unruly though so I often French braid or tame it into a hurried ponytail. 

5. fave day of the week?

Any day that decides to be kind…mostly Saturdays

6. dogs, cats or both?

Cats, cats and cats

7. divya is __________________.

Someone I should get to know?

8.  a song that describes your life?

"All around the cobbler’s bench
The monkey chased the weasel.
The monkey thought ’twas all in fun,
Pop! goes the weasel.

A penny for a spool of thread,
A tuppence for a needle—
That's the way the money goes,
Pop! goes the weasel."

9. whatcha afraid of?

People, regrets, lies, direct sunlight

10. so you meet me in person at the local bus stop. what happens next?

The closest bus stop is right behind a curve so first I’ll save you from being run over by the other bus then we could go to my place where I’ll make sure you’ll meet only the wonderful 10% of my family, I’ll show you my favorite spot in the woods were you can write with the sole company of the birds the squirrels and the wind. You’ll probably be invited for dinner which will most likely consist of roasted salmon, veggies and a dessert my mother will invent on the spot. Then we can stargaze till dawn if you’d like…clear nights here are just magical.

unfaithfulstars  ’s questions

1. do you play any instruments? if so, list them. if not, do you want to learn any, and if so, which ones?

I’m a classical pianist, in fact I should go practice right about now. I also play the baroque flute and I’m studying classical guitar.

2. describe the socks you are wearing right now? if you aren't wearing socks, describe the shirt you are wearing.

Short, light blue, very soft…might be my favorite pair of socks.

3. do you like the rain? if not, why? if so, why?

I don’t like it, I love it. It plays a song that makes me feel calm, especially at night. In summer few things make me happier than standing under the downpour and getting soaked like a fool.

4. what would be the ideal day for you?

Mid September, waking up late, having brunch with my family, spend the still sunny afternoon on my front porch reading, a general feeling of serenity.

5. if you were given the chance, would you want to move to a different country to start a new life? why or why not? if so, where would you go?

A part of me is too attached to this place to ever think of leaving, the other though craves adventure and fresh air…she’d like to move to Canada and live in a cabin in the woods secluded enough to be able to make music all day without worrying about the neighbors.

6. what song has been on replay for you lately?

This one:… And this is also stuck in my head:…

7. what type of climate do you prefer?

I like to experience all the different seasons, so I’d say something between Mediterranean and Humid Continental (Boy can I be unpoetic)  

8. if you could speak to only one species of animal, which would it be and why?

Felines, they seem to spend so much time thinking I suspect they’d be interesting. Or birds, just imagine all the stories they could tell.

9. how tall are you? do you like your height or not, and why/why not?

I’m 5.9, I like it…reduces the need to climb on ladders or stools too much since I’m afraid of heights lol

10. how do you drink your coffee (if you drink coffee)?

A good espresso macchiato hot like hellfire is the way to my heart

roadkillKitten ’s questions

1. What is your favorite food and why?

Dried fruit…I don’t know why it’s like an addiction

2. What is your favorite book? (yes, just one)

Evil, evil question…My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell

3. What is your favorite movie? (yes, just one)

Practical Magic

4. What is your favorite animal and why?

My cat Eudora, she’s a grumpy old lady who thinks I’m her giant clumsy bald sister.

5. If you were an animal, what would you be?

Some kind of bird of prey.

6. If you could be any animal, what would you pick?

A bearded vulture?

7. What's your favorite sea creature?

Whales…they terrify me

8. What's your favorite piece of clothing, and should it have been thrown away long ago...?

a very soft burgundy hoodie my sister got me, and no, why do you ask? *glares*

9. Have you/do you ever rescue/d any pets?

All the pets I have owned were rescued… two cats and recently a dwarf bunny that loves my sister to death.

10. What is/was your favorite subject in school?

I loved literature history and music

11. Who is your favorite OC and why?

I honestly don’t know

12. On a scale of 1-5, 1 being "holy gods not another tag" and 5 being "squee I got tagged" how much do you dis/like these things?

can I plead the fifth? lol But seriously even if it takes me a bit of time I do have fun doing these, they tickle my creativity and my funny bone.

13. If you tag me back, and I punch you in the face, will you be surprised?

Surprised as in “Holy shit she came all the way down to Italy only to punch me!” And then I’d be honored.

WhereIsTheSpoon ’s questions

1. Which is your favorite Pixar movie?

"The Incredibles" but I find myself loving their short movies more than the full length ones, “Day&Night” and “Partly Cloudy” are two of my favorites.

2. If you could only recommend one book to everyone for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The Bible, even if you are not religious there are so may different genres in it I couldn’t go wrong.

3. What's your favorite movie genre?

Fantasy, Thriller, I also like French comedies and period dramas

4. Tea or coffee?  What kind?

I like both: Arabica, medium roasted and lemon black tea

5. Do you prefer the beach or the snow?

They both awake different sides of me, different muses

6. Who is your favorite Marvel or DC superhero?

I don’t know much about superheroes to be honest but if I have to choose I’d say Batman

7. What's your favorite candy?  If you don't like candy, what's your favorite sweet?

I like fruit candy - the kind with a soft center in particular, and those Swedish salty licorice fish? I love that stuff

8. Which is the first facial feature you notice when you meet a person?

Their eyes…or their beard :lol:

9. What's your favorite musical?

I don’t know enough about musicals, recommend me one?

10. Who inspires you?

My parents, my sister, everyone who thinks more deeply, writes better, lives better, loves better than I do.

Alright, I lack the aunt named Brenda and I don’t know anyone’s middle name so nobody is tagged, huzzah! Hat Flip by BinaryConRemember: never step on the mome raths!  



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My profile picture is a wonderful painting made by the amazing SueJO :heart:…

[Official Finder of Marvelous Emoticons and President of the venerable Cheesecake Heart Fan Club]
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(Badges made by the wonderful SECRET-NINJA-SUPER-M)

1. English is not my native language and I'm still -always- learning so please forgive me
2. I love literature, but can't find the guts to let her know.
4. My heart is a cheesecake.
5. I share with my twin sister (:heart:) the passion for photography, every picture submitted here is the result of our special collaboration. [I mostly just post poems now]


:heart: My very first dA compliment, I have to put it here, so I can cry a little every time I'll log in. Thank you my dear, i don't deserve it.
"She is an amazing person and a wonderful writer! Her words are truly beautiful as she switches between her mother language and English and they never fail to touch my heart. I love you. dear one. Best wishes to you always."

:omg: Another amazing compliment from a splendid person(I know who you are!) thank you so much, your words made me smile...and blush.
"AlwaysRainCheck, my dear, you are an amazing writer. I'm so glad that you are writing on dA, I truly am. Because whatever you write is so sincere, so heartfelt, and yet so remarkably ingenuous, its an inspiration, a pleasure, and a privilege reading your works. It truly is.
And as a person, you're so amazing. You're like the dewdrops that settle on amaryllis and tulips in the mountain sides - ethereal to look at, and yet in their very aesthetics they are so tender, so majestic, and so graceful... God blessed you with a radiance that only such a moment can rival.
I pray you have a wonderful life ahead of you, and you are rewarded with countless bounties of happiness. You deserve each and every single prayer sent your way.
Here's my prayer to you, with a broken Italian translation (Google translate for the win):

if angels in heaven had a face, I'm sure you portray it in this world.
se gli angeli in cielo avevano una faccia, sono sicuro che ritraggono in questo mondo."

:heart: Hey! AlwaysRainCheck I just wanted to tell you that I think you're awesome! Don't let anyone tell you that different, because I think that you have a special gift and a wonderful heart. I think that you could do anything you set your mind to, and I hope you do.
Wishing you the best!

:rose: AlwaysRainCheck You have such a kind heart and you leave such thoughtful comments, thank you for always finding a way to our hearts. :heart:

:rose: AlwaysRainCheck Well my friend, its been a while since I've sent one of these. I've known you for over 2 years now and I just wanted to say thank you, through the good and the bad, for being my friend. For now, I think you've inspired me to start writing again. I'm envious of the emotion that you can put in your poetry. Your heart is in every piece. Hopefully some day I will be able to do it as while as you can...the crazy thing is that English isn't your first language either! I'm kind of astounded at speaks something beyond language and ability. As a friend, I look forward to another year of friendship!
P.S. Don't forget, you're still a fool!

:heart: "Dear AlwaysRainCheck, Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, not just for myself, but for everyone else on dA! You, your friendship, encouragement, and support are irreplaceable and invaluable. Your positivity and brilliance have brightened up so many of my days. I am so glad I know you and I hope for many years of friendship between us. It has been such a joy, honor, and privilege to support you. Please continue to be your amazing self and don't ever stop writing."

( you guys are too kind :blushes: )


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