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All mimsy were the borogoves

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 7, 2016, 7:46 AM

 And the mome raths outgrabe

We all know what that means: it’s time to harvest the wild tags!

I’ve been tagged by Serendiipitii unfaithfulstars roadkillKitten and  WhereIsTheSpoon  These have been aging in my inbox long enough - get ready for some crazy tea!

Tɥǝ Rnlǝs  

1. You have to post these rules (Done, you didn’t say anything about messing with them tho… :grinstareeyes: )
4. Each person has to share 10 perfectly ridiculous  things about them.
8. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and do 10 sit-ups
3. Choose 10 people for a game of poker. :CardGame: 
2. You have to tag 10 people whose middle name starts with “C”
10. Tag-backs are ALLOWED only if your have an aunt named Brenda
7. Be creative with the title. It MUST include mome raths.
14. You can't say you don't do tags. (I don’t do tags, tags do me)

Tɥǝ Fɐɔʇs

1. Shooting stars excite me way too much
2. I feel like I'm always running out of time in some way or another (all this running, however, isn’t making me any more fit which is rather upsetting.)
3. The autocorrect keeps changing "mome raths" to “some maths”
4. Now I want to type The Jabberwocky with autocorrect on and see what happens  
5. I'm terrible at this
6. Lists make me nervous
7. Butter
8. I don’t have an aunt named Brenda
9. My eyesight is horrible but I can hear a fly plotting on the other side of a room
10. I'm a book hoarder. And I recently discovered that digital editions don't make an exception nor mitigate my compulsory need to be surrounded by books??? There’s a word for it in Japanese: Tsundoku, it should probably be my middle name.  
Bonus 11th fact. I’m entirely bonkers and I know it. :eratsnirg: 

Tɥǝ Qnǝsʇᴉous  

Serendiipitii ’s questions:

1. how've you been, darling? <3

Busy and all flavors of frustrated - but Autumn is drawing closer, I can feel my soul wake up <3

2. a good book you've read recently?

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, Poems new and Collected by Wislawa Szymborska, oh and Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi ghost-written by J. R. Moerhinger…it’s extraordinary, both the story and the writing.

3. fave flavour of ice cream?


4. how do you wear your hair?

Down most of the time, it’s very long and unruly though so I often French braid or tame it into a hurried ponytail. 

5. fave day of the week?

Any day that decides to be kind…mostly Saturdays

6. dogs, cats or both?

Cats, cats and cats

7. divya is __________________.

Someone I should get to know?

8.  a song that describes your life?

"All around the cobbler’s bench
The monkey chased the weasel.
The monkey thought ’twas all in fun,
Pop! goes the weasel.

A penny for a spool of thread,
A tuppence for a needle—
That's the way the money goes,
Pop! goes the weasel."

9. whatcha afraid of?

People, regrets, lies, direct sunlight

10. so you meet me in person at the local bus stop. what happens next?

The closest bus stop is right behind a curve so first I’ll save you from being run over by the other bus then we could go to my place where I’ll make sure you’ll meet only the wonderful 10% of my family, I’ll show you my favorite spot in the woods were you can write with the sole company of the birds the squirrels and the wind. You’ll probably be invited for dinner which will most likely consist of roasted salmon, veggies and a dessert my mother will invent on the spot. Then we can stargaze till dawn if you’d like…clear nights here are just magical.

unfaithfulstars  ’s questions

1. do you play any instruments? if so, list them. if not, do you want to learn any, and if so, which ones?

I’m a classical pianist, in fact I should go practice right about now. I also play the baroque flute and I’m studying classical guitar.

2. describe the socks you are wearing right now? if you aren't wearing socks, describe the shirt you are wearing.

Short, light blue, very soft…might be my favorite pair of socks.

3. do you like the rain? if not, why? if so, why?

I don’t like it, I love it. It plays a song that makes me feel calm, especially at night. In summer few things make me happier than standing under the downpour and getting soaked like a fool.

4. what would be the ideal day for you?

Mid September, waking up late, having brunch with my family, spend the still sunny afternoon on my front porch reading, a general feeling of serenity.

5. if you were given the chance, would you want to move to a different country to start a new life? why or why not? if so, where would you go?

A part of me is too attached to this place to ever think of leaving, the other though craves adventure and fresh air…she’d like to move to Canada and live in a cabin in the woods secluded enough to be able to make music all day without worrying about the neighbors.

6. what song has been on replay for you lately?

This one:… And this is also stuck in my head:…

7. what type of climate do you prefer?

I like to experience all the different seasons, so I’d say something between Mediterranean and Humid Continental (Boy can I be unpoetic)  

8. if you could speak to only one species of animal, which would it be and why?

Felines, they seem to spend so much time thinking I suspect they’d be interesting. Or birds, just imagine all the stories they could tell.

9. how tall are you? do you like your height or not, and why/why not?

I’m 5.9, I like it…reduces the need to climb on ladders or stools too much since I’m afraid of heights lol

10. how do you drink your coffee (if you drink coffee)?

A good espresso macchiato hot like hellfire is the way to my heart

roadkillKitten ’s questions

1. What is your favorite food and why?

Dried fruit…I don’t know why it’s like an addiction

2. What is your favorite book? (yes, just one)

Evil, evil question…My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell

3. What is your favorite movie? (yes, just one)

Practical Magic

4. What is your favorite animal and why?

My cat Eudora, she’s a grumpy old lady who thinks I’m her giant clumsy bald sister.

5. If you were an animal, what would you be?

Some kind of bird of prey.

6. If you could be any animal, what would you pick?

A bearded vulture?

7. What's your favorite sea creature?

Whales…they terrify me

8. What's your favorite piece of clothing, and should it have been thrown away long ago...?

a very soft burgundy hoodie my sister got me, and no, why do you ask? *glares*

9. Have you/do you ever rescue/d any pets?

All the pets I have owned were rescued… two cats and recently a dwarf bunny that loves my sister to death.

10. What is/was your favorite subject in school?

I loved literature history and music

11. Who is your favorite OC and why?

I honestly don’t know

12. On a scale of 1-5, 1 being "holy gods not another tag" and 5 being "squee I got tagged" how much do you dis/like these things?

can I plead the fifth? lol But seriously even if it takes me a bit of time I do have fun doing these, they tickle my creativity and my funny bone.

13. If you tag me back, and I punch you in the face, will you be surprised?

Surprised as in “Holy shit she came all the way down to Italy only to punch me!” And then I’d be honored.

WhereIsTheSpoon ’s questions

1. Which is your favorite Pixar movie?

"The Incredibles" but I find myself loving their short movies more than the full length ones, “Day&Night” and “Partly Cloudy” are two of my favorites.

2. If you could only recommend one book to everyone for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The Bible, even if you are not religious there are so may different genres in it I couldn’t go wrong.

3. What's your favorite movie genre?

Fantasy, Thriller, I also like French comedies and period dramas

4. Tea or coffee?  What kind?

I like both: Arabica, medium roasted and lemon black tea

5. Do you prefer the beach or the snow?

They both awake different sides of me, different muses

6. Who is your favorite Marvel or DC superhero?

I don’t know much about superheroes to be honest but if I have to choose I’d say Batman

7. What's your favorite candy?  If you don't like candy, what's your favorite sweet?

I like fruit candy - the kind with a soft center in particular, and those Swedish salty licorice fish? I love that stuff

8. Which is the first facial feature you notice when you meet a person?

Their eyes…or their beard :lol:

9. What's your favorite musical?

I don’t know enough about musicals, recommend me one?

10. Who inspires you?

My parents, my sister, everyone who thinks more deeply, writes better, lives better, loves better than I do.

Alright, I lack the aunt named Brenda and I don’t know anyone’s middle name so nobody is tagged, huzzah! Hat Flip by BinaryConRemember: never step on the mome raths!  



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Artist | Student | Literature
My profile picture is a wonderful painting made by the amazing SueJO :heart:…

[Official Finder of Marvelous Emoticons and President of the venerable Cheesecake Heart Fan Club]
badge for AlwaysRainCheck by SECRET-NINJA-SUPER-M Cheesecake heart by SECRET-NINJA-SUPER-M
(Badges made by the wonderful SECRET-NINJA-SUPER-M)

1. English is not my native language and I'm still -always- learning so please forgive me
2. I love literature, but can't find the guts to let her know.
4. My heart is a cheesecake.
5. I share with my twin sister (:heart:) the passion for photography, every picture submitted here is the result of our special collaboration. [I mostly just post poems now]


:heart: My very first dA compliment, I have to put it here, so I can cry a little every time I'll log in. Thank you my dear, i don't deserve it.
"She is an amazing person and a wonderful writer! Her words are truly beautiful as she switches between her mother language and English and they never fail to touch my heart. I love you. dear one. Best wishes to you always."

:omg: Another amazing compliment from a splendid person(I know who you are!) thank you so much, your words made me smile...and blush.
"AlwaysRainCheck, my dear, you are an amazing writer. I'm so glad that you are writing on dA, I truly am. Because whatever you write is so sincere, so heartfelt, and yet so remarkably ingenuous, its an inspiration, a pleasure, and a privilege reading your works. It truly is.
And as a person, you're so amazing. You're like the dewdrops that settle on amaryllis and tulips in the mountain sides - ethereal to look at, and yet in their very aesthetics they are so tender, so majestic, and so graceful... God blessed you with a radiance that only such a moment can rival.
I pray you have a wonderful life ahead of you, and you are rewarded with countless bounties of happiness. You deserve each and every single prayer sent your way.
Here's my prayer to you, with a broken Italian translation (Google translate for the win):

if angels in heaven had a face, I'm sure you portray it in this world.
se gli angeli in cielo avevano una faccia, sono sicuro che ritraggono in questo mondo."

:heart: Hey! AlwaysRainCheck I just wanted to tell you that I think you're awesome! Don't let anyone tell you that different, because I think that you have a special gift and a wonderful heart. I think that you could do anything you set your mind to, and I hope you do.
Wishing you the best!

:rose: AlwaysRainCheck You have such a kind heart and you leave such thoughtful comments, thank you for always finding a way to our hearts. :heart:

:rose: AlwaysRainCheck Well my friend, its been a while since I've sent one of these. I've known you for over 2 years now and I just wanted to say thank you, through the good and the bad, for being my friend. For now, I think you've inspired me to start writing again. I'm envious of the emotion that you can put in your poetry. Your heart is in every piece. Hopefully some day I will be able to do it as while as you can...the crazy thing is that English isn't your first language either! I'm kind of astounded at speaks something beyond language and ability. As a friend, I look forward to another year of friendship!
P.S. Don't forget, you're still a fool!

:heart: "Dear AlwaysRainCheck, Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, not just for myself, but for everyone else on dA! You, your friendship, encouragement, and support are irreplaceable and invaluable. Your positivity and brilliance have brightened up so many of my days. I am so glad I know you and I hope for many years of friendship between us. It has been such a joy, honor, and privilege to support you. Please continue to be your amazing self and don't ever stop writing."

( you guys are too kind :blushes: )


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